Room 10

Room 10


Room 10 is our newest suite. "The Penthouse" is a beautiful room featuring a king size bed surrounded by five 8' tall windows for an awesome view, a 25" television mounted above the bed.

The private staircase leads up to the third floor bathroom which has an oversized, 7' x 4', Jacuzzi tub that hold 141 gallons of water and can easily accommodate 2 people. There is a 19" cable television mounted above the Jacuzzi for your entertainment.

There are two cozy bathrobes located in the closet, a red antique settee, and breakfast table set and ready for the next morning.

The bedroom has its own balcony which as two chairs and table where you can see the Fort Worth skyscrapers on a clear dark night.

Rate is $199. Lower rates Sunday-Thursday

Additional Photos  

This image below was created by merging four images together to show you a different view of the bedroom on the second floor, the third floor bath, and the private staircase that connects them.



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